Northern Cape


With a strong focus on mining,agriculture, and renewable energy sectors including solar, wind, and hydro technologies, the IDC Northern Cape regional offices remain invested in the ongoing growth and development of existing manufacturing efforts and the upliftment of local communities.


IDC pursuits in the Northern Cape will also aim to develop SMME’s through supplier development programmes and enabling future prospects of up-and-coming sectors new to the region.


What are the key industries and sectors that you support?

  • Renewable Energy (solar, wind and hydro)
  • Mining
  • Agriculture

Opportunities in the region?

  • Lower Orange River Agricultural Development. The IDC together with Raisins SA further investigated agricultural development along the lower orange river on ca 3000 Ha tracts of land with 2000 Ha with water rights. This land is earmarked for communities and BEE. High value crops that include grapes and dates are possible crops.
  • Iron Ore and Manganese Mining. Iron Ore and Manganese Mining from Hotazel through Kathu, Kuruman to Postmasburg is still expanding in Iron ore and manganese mines. This lends itself to the development of secondary industries. Mines are pursuing supplier development to improve localization and empower the communities around mining operations.
  • Zinc Mining and SEZ: In similar vein the expansion of the Gamsberg zinc mine near Aggenys by Vedanta opens new opportunities for an underdeveloped area of the country such as the proposed zinc smelter and concomitant industries. A proposed SEZ is planned around the mine to establish an industrial base in the province. The development of a new harbour at Boegoe Bay on the west coast with a rail ink will dovetail well with mining operations. This will provide a necessary export outlet for provincial products.  The nearby orange river projects will complement the SEZ development.

What is your regional strategy and focus areas?

  • The IDC will further pursue the development of the agricultural opportunities to empower local communities and utilize a valuable natural resource.
  • The IDC embarked on the SME Connect concept whereby the IDC support mines and large companies to develop SMEs through their supplier development programmes.


This is a major opportunity to develop the secondary industry that is so much needed in the province.


  • The IDC is involved with major mining companies to establish the Kathu Industrial Park to unlock development in the mining belt.

What are your top three tips for someone applying for finance?

  • Know your market well and diversify.
  • Entrepreneurship is hard work and require dedication, but can be rewarding
  • Previous failure is but a stepping stone on the journey of development

Contact the Northern Cape Regional Office:

Mehmood Ahmed

Northern Cape Acting Regional Manager


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Olyvenhoutsdrift Settlement
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