Western Cape


With a strong and diverse industrial base to work off, IDC Western Cape operations continue to highlight key areas of business growth and job creation in the agriculture and agro-processing sectors and the metals and plastic packaging industries.


Other key manufacturing sectors that present promising prospects have been linked to the leisure boatbuilding industry and manufacturing inputs for the green economy, with a particular focus area being in the Western Cape.


What are the key industries and sectors that you support?

  • Agro-processing and agriculture
  • Chemicals, plastics and medical products
  • Industrial mineral products
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Wood and furniture products
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Machinery & equipment
  • ICT & electronics
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Tourism
  • Basic metal producers

Opportunities in the region?

The Western Province regions has a diverse industrial base. Agriculture and agro-processing are a key industries. We have seen a lot of growth in these sectors. Although, the wine and spirits industries have obviously been negatively affected by the bans. Linked to the agriculture and agro-processing are metals and plastic packaging, which proved quite resilient during the current economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Another key manufacturing sector in the Western Cape is world class boatbuilding industry, particularly leisure boats like yachts and catamarans. There is also significant opportunities to develop manufacturing inputs for the green economy, a particular focus area in the Western Cape.

What are your regional focus areas?

Our focus is to grow the grow and support small assemblers and manufacturers. We are passionate about growing and expanding the country’s manufacturing base in all sectors. We offer funding for start-ups, expansions, working capital, guarantees etc. We also provide business support to qualifying enterprises. For the Small Business & Regions we offer financing up to R15m. Right now, one of the big things is that we offer finance to distressed businesses impacted by COVID-19.

What are your top three tips for someone applying for finance?

  1. Clearly articulate your companies value proposition to the market, technical capabilities and financial position;
  2. Put together a pack that includes:
    • A brief business plan:
      • Background of the company
      • Marketing plan
      • Technical operations plan
      • Forward looking financial objectives and how this related to the marketing and technical plan
      • For start-ups a comprehensive business plan encompassing 2 to 4 above as to why a new entrant should be supported
    • Historical financials (audited or reviewed) and latest management accounts
  3. Preferably a factory visit to view operations or a face to face (virtual is preferable during the pandemic) visit with an IDC official

Contact the Western Cape Regional Office: wc@idc.co.za

Ganief Bardien

Western Cape Regional Manager


Office 2405, Foreshore Place

2 Riebeeck Street, Cape Town


Tel: 021 421 4794
Fax: 021 419 3570
Email: wc@idc.co.za