CSI Application Guidelines


All applications should include, but are not limited to, the following requirements:

1. Administrative Details

  • Name of organisation (as per registration certificate)
  • Registration number
  • Postal Address
  • Physical Address
  • Contact Person
  • Designation of Contact Person
  • Contact Details
    • Cell number
    • Landline
    • Email address
    • Website address

2. Background and Establishment of Organisation

3. Vision, Mission and Objectives

4. Focus Areas and Programme Breakdown

5. Geographical Footprint

6. Beneficiary Base and Selection Criteria for Beneficiaries

7. Organisational/ Governance Structure (Organogram)

8. List of Board of Directors

  • Name and Surname
  • Skills/ Qualifications/ Experience
  • Designation as Board Member
  • ID Number
  • Date of Appointment

9. List of Previous/ Current Funders and Partners

  • Name of Funder/ Partner
  • Description of Support Provided/ Project Supported
  • Amount (kindly indicate whether once-off or continuous)
  • Year

10. Budget Breakdown Relevant to Funding Application

11. Implementation Plan of Project/ Programme

12. Required Documents

  • B-BBEE Certificate;
  • Registration Certificate;
  • Section 18A Certificate / (10) (1)(f);
  • Founding Documents of the Organisation;
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement;
  • Latest Annual Report;
  • Proof of FICA Compliant Bank Account;
  • Letter from Bank Listing all Signatories;
  • Rental/ Lease Agreement or Ownership of Property (certified)
  • ID Copies of all Board Members (certified)

Contact Details

For more information, contact the CSI Department on:

E-mail: csi@idc.co.za
Phone: 011 269 3587/3562