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The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) actively promotes investment across all provinces in South Africa. With a keen interest in developing and growing regional economies, the corporation has offices in all nine provinces to ensure that entrepreneurs are opportunely serviced in the provinces they reside in.


The corporation’s Small Business Finance and Regions (SBF) strategic business unit, which houses all regional offices, was recently established to streamline offerings and better serve the IDC’s diverse clients.


The SBF specifically caters for businesses looking to access funding from R1 million to R15 million in the sectors that the IDC funds.

Transaction types funded under the SBF include:


Capex for expansions

Contract financing

Working capital

Trade financing

Business acquisitions are not included in SBF transactions. This is provided for in the IDC’s broader offering.


One of the key elements of the newly established SBF unit is the SME-Connect initiative. This is a key vehicle that the SBF employs to create new enterprises in geographically remote locations based close to large mining and agricultural ventures and infrastructure and beneficiation projects.


The SME-Connect connect initiative is vital in enabling the SBF to deepen industrial development in the small industrial business segment and grow SMEs through the following three overarching levers:


  • Access to markets
  • Access to finance
  • Business support


The SBF also has a competitively priced small business Covid-19 Distress fund designed for distressed small industrial businesses. This fund is priced at prime -3%.


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