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With a primary focus on critical sectors that play an important part in stimulating the country’s economic growth, the IDC Eastern Cape regional operations offer funding and business support to local automotive, agricultural and forestry, and plastic manufacturing sectors in the region.


From the localisation of automotive component manufacturing to developing the agro-processing value, expanding on existing forestry plantations and timber processing plants and other manufacturing operations established int the regions, IDC remains committed to investing in strategic business  relationships, offering  distressed funding assistance while also forging  innovative stakeholder collaborations.


What are the key industries and sectors that you support?

  • Automotive sector
  • Agriculture and Agro Processing
  • Forestry sector
  • Plastic manufacturing

Opportunities in the region?

  • Automotive – Localisation of component manufacturing to take advantage of MBSA R10 bn expansion plans. Introduce black entrants into supplier network and transformation of existing suppliers
  • Develop agro-processing value chain including production expansion of long term crop (citrus and macadamia) and processing of short term (vegetables in Mthatha area) currently imported from other regions. Development of red meat value chain to take advantage of high livestock population numbers.
  • Support Operation Phakisa – ship building and repairs, establish relationships with important stakeholders such as Transnet and ship builders. Development of aquaculture industry
  • Develop new and expand existing forestry plantations and timber processing.
  • Support SMMEs within the plastics manufacturing sector;
  • Support Textiles industry (new and existing clients)

What is your regional strategy and focus areas?

  • Form strategic relationships with corporates identified in our area to enhance localization under the SME Connect Initiative
  • Assist distressed manufacturers in the area to preserve loss of jobs
  • Enhance collaborations with stakeholders such as NYDA, SEDA, EL IDZ, ECDC, DRDAR, ECRDA, BUSINESS PARTNERS and local business chambers in support of SMMEs

What are your top three tips for someone applying for finance?

  • For start-up applications, clearly demonstrate competitive advantage of the new venture
  • For existing entities looking to expand, clearly illustrate and justify the need to expand
  • Ensure that entity has sufficient management expertise and skills set to cover critical aspects of the business

Contact the Eastern Cape West Regional Office: eceast@idc.co.za

Mandisi Runqu

Eastern Cape East Regional Manager

EASTERN CAPE WEST – GQEBERHA (Formerly Port Elizabeth)

While already a critical regional player in South Africa’s automotive manufacturing sector, given its diverse landscapes and unique climate conditions, the Eastern Cape’s west region offers a dynamic portfolio of business opportunities and job creation. Serviced by two harbours that facilitate inbound and outbound logistics enabling international trade, the region also receives much attention from renewable energy sectors and the agro-Processing markets.


What are the key industries and sectors that you support?

  • Automotive and Transport Equipment together with related supporting industries
  • Agro-Processing and Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy

Opportunities in the region?

Eastern Cape West has a diverse climate and landscape which ranges from deserts to lush forests of the Tsitsikamma with an exquisite coastline.


Automotive manufacturing is an important component of the economy with VWSA, Isuzu, FAW and Ford Engine plant already operating and the BAIC SA plant being built within the province. Two harbours allow inbound and outbound logistics which allows trade with the rest of the world, being developed further with investment planned by Transnet under Operation Phakisa initiative within the industrial node of Coega SEZ.


EC West has had significant investment in the wind renewable space and this assists for local production of renewable energy. Key agricultural sectors are deciduous fruits, pineapples, chicory, dairy, goats and sheep. The EC is the second largest producer of citrus fruit in South Africa. South Africa produces 50% of world’s mohair, most of which is from Eastern Cape. South Africa imports mohair and processes about 80% of world mohair.

What is your regional strategy and focus areas?

  • Automotive and Transport Equipment together with related supporting industries
  • Agro-Processing and Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy

What are your top three tips for someone applying for finance?

  • Draft a 2 page Business Plan that outlines Market (Who sell to, volume and price), outline Technical details on ability to manufacture such as equipment, working capital and human resources required with a final section on finance indicating the annual return expected from total assets deployed (Fixed and current assets). mention the amount of contribution that can be provided upfront.
  • Have an uninvolved friend/third party (including SEDA) review the 2-page document so that they can understand the info that you are putting forward to the IDC.
  • Do a brief pitch on yourself why you should be backed as an entrepreneur on this opportunity with skills and expertise to match opportunity.

Contact the Eastern Cape West Regional Office: ecwest@idc.co.za

Kingsley Dell-Robertson

Eastern Cape West Regional Manager


2nd Floor Block B
Chesswood Office Park
Winkley Street


Tel: 043 721 0733/4
Fax: 043 721 0735
Email: eceast@idc.co.za


Ground Floor, ECDC House
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Gqeberha (Formerly Port Elizabeth)

Southern Life Gardens
Block A (Ground)
70 2nd Avenue
Newton Park


Tel: 041 363 1640
Fax: 041 363 2349
Email: ecwest@idc.co.za