Unlocking Potential for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Unlocking Potential for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

After four cycles, President Ramaphosa’s investment mobilisation drive has so far attracted R1.1 trillion worth of investment pledges. The ambitious target that the government set in 2018 to mobilise R1.2 trillion worth of investments over five years is now within sight.

Without pre-empting the outcome of the 5th South African Investment Conference (SAIC), the last installment of the conference scheduled for 13 April will likely be a success. Raising this quantum of investment in an economic environment that is burdened by challenges such as slow growth, a precarious energy supply and a lingering impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is laudable.

Success signifies an endorsement of optimism in the country’s growth prospects by the investment community. The fact that the government had the foresight to embark on an investment mobilisation drive in such a challenging economic environment is even more commendable. This was amid strong economic headwinds, yet the government, business and civil society joined hands to see this programme succeed.

Need we be reminded, ours is a country replete with moments of great triumph amid adversity.