Mpumalanga Flood Victims Benefit in IDC’s R31 Million Disaster Aide

Mpumalanga Flood Victims Benefit in IDC’s R31 Million Disaster Aide

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) in collaboration with Ashraful Aid International Humanitarian Organisation, , has launched a project to provide food hampers to 3000 victims of the February floods in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa. The IDC has contributed close to 1.6 million ZAR towards this leg of the project.

The recent floods have caused significant damage to infrastructure, homes, and agriculture, affecting thousands of people in various provinces of South Africa. The government declared a National State of Disaster, and Ashraful Aid has been providing assistance in the Mpumalanga region over the past two months.

With many people still recovering from the effects of the floods, over 3000 families continue to require assistance with basic food items. The beneficiaries have been identified by Ashraful Aid in collaboration with local community leaders in the province. Affected families are often placed in community shelters for temporary accommodation during times of disaster. It takes time to rebuild the damaged infrastructure and houses and, as a result, people end up staying in these shelters longer than was anticipated. During this time, the need for humanitarian aid increases significantly, with food security being a daily challenge to many communities.

The IDC and Ashraful Aid will be providing food and grocery packs to marginalised families in rural Mpumalanga who still continue to face hardships months after the floods have taken place. “This intervention is aligned to one of our key CSI portfolios – Special Projects. This portfolio focuses on strategic interventions aimed at aiding communities affected by natural disasters” says Tshepo Ramodibe, the IDC’s Head of Corporate Affairs.

The food hampers will be delivered throughout the month of May. Ashraful Aid will work with the local community leaders to distribute the food hampers to flood victims in various areas of Mpumalanga. The organization will maintain regular communication with its team on the ground to ensure the efficient and timely distribution of the hampers. Furthermore, follow-up calls will be made to the recipients to ensure that they have received the hampers and that their nutritional needs have been met.

The project is part of Ashraful Aid and IDC’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid to those in need. “We are grateful for the collaboration with IDC and their contribution towards this project. Together, we are dedicated to helping those affected by the recent floods in South Africa. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that the food hampers reach the flood victims in Mpumalanga in a timely and efficient manner,” said a spokesperson for Ashraful Aid.

The IDC has previously partnered with Ashraful Aid, with the organisation playing a crucial role in distributing 300 tons of food during the KwaZulu Natal (KZN) riots, being one of the first responders from outside Gauteng to airlift baby food and essential supplies to Durban. Additionally, the organisation has an MOU with Disaster Management and has responded to 110 disaster-related incidents, including the April floods that hit KZN and the Eastern Cape in 2022.

The IDC has invested over R31 million and partnered with 26 organisations since April 2022 providing flood relief to communities reaching over 48 000 Floods victims, covering more than 250 sites in KZN, Eastern Cape, the North West, Mpumalanga and the Free State.

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Ashraful Aid is a non-profit organisation based in Marlboro Gardens, Sandton, South Africa. ‘Ashraful’ meaning honourable – shapes and directs all that we do in our various activities. The organisation is involved with various local and international projects and has constantly strived to support the needs of communities for over 25 years.

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