Happiness Ever After

Happiness Ever After

The IDC Media & Audio-Visual SBU is proud to have funded the making of the movie, Happiness Ever After, currently screening on Netflix SA. Produced by IDC female client Bongiwe Selane, and Director of Blingola Media, this movie is filled with stories of love, laughter and bonds of sisterhood.

The Media & Audio-Visual Strategic Business Unit (SBU) places a primary focus on producing locally relevant and internationally palatable content, with an emphasis on feature films, animation and TV series.

Intended outcomes of the unit include:

  • Promoting sustainable production of audio-visual content
  • Developing audiences, encouraging the local consumption of local film
  • Developing a competitive animation sector
  • Developing a competitive gaming and interactive media sector
  • Developing the media industry
  • Developing black industrialists within the broadcasting sector


Happiness Ever After is the sequel to the South African drama “Happiness is a Four Letter Word”, and is a compelling movie that is packed with enough drama to keep you on the edge of your seat – a definite must see!

Watch the trailer here.

If you are looking for more information on the Media & Audio-Visual SBU or interested in applying for funding from this sector, please visit: https://www.idc.co.za/media-audio-visual/.