The IT department continues to play a pivotal business process enabling role in the Corporation through the use of information and communications technology to improve corporate productivity and efficiency while optimising business processes and introducing digital service delivery channels without compromising data and information integrity.

During the year under review the key IT strategic initiatives included:

  • End-user computing technology refresh to improve employee productivity;
  • Fabric based virtual enterprise network architecture which provides end-to-end connectivity for digital technology connectedness with high data throughput, scalability, performance, interoperability and service availability;
  • Strengthening of the IT security and governance controls to prevent unauthorised corporate data access which may result in financial loss and/or reputational risk; and
  • Continuous business process improvements and efficiencies through business process re-engineering and process automation.


The IT department is currently aligning the Corporation’s IT systems with key focus on the pipeline management, funding submission, and post investment monitoring business process automation. Furthermore, the department is planning new data backup, and server and storage infrastructure technologies to improve IT service availability and performance. This will provide the foundation for the Corporation in the preparation for its future digital transformation initiatives.

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