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zambezia insideAdventures in Zambezia is one of the first 3D animation films to be produced in Africa

The IDC's strategic business unit (SBU) for media and motion pictures is a driving force behind the growth of the local film industry and will continue making a difference by helping local filmmakers turn their creative visions into reality.

The unit offers funding for the production of motion pictures, including feature films, animation and television series. It also works to boost audience development, support local television broadcasting and fund post-production facilities.

Objectives of the SBU

  • To promote sustainable production of motion pictures.
  • To grow the local audience by encouraging consumption of South African films and building township cinemas.
  • To develop a competitive animation sector.
  • To develop black industrialists within the broadcast sector.

Doing business with the unit

Our focus is on developing a sustainable motion picture value chain in South Africa by funding the production of feature films, television shows, animation and documentaries, while supporting broadcasting, establishing digital cinemas in townships and rural areas, and developing new or alternative distribution systems for motion pictures.

The IDC's business support programme also offers non-financial support to entrepreneurs. This is available during both the pre- and post-approval stages, and includes assistance for distressed clients.

Who should apply for funding?

New or existing companies within the media and motion pictures sector that need funding of up to R1-billion.

Funding can be structured in the most appropriate manner, utilising a wide range of instruments to meet the needs of the business, including:

  • Debt/equity
  • Quasi-equity
  • Bridging finance
  • Venture capital

Funding criteria

  • Security, of a type related to your business's specific circumstances.
  • Compliance with international environmental standards.
  • The owners/shareholders are expected to make a reasonable financial contribution to the project/business. The IDC prefers its exposure not to exceed that of the business owners/shareholders.
    • However, the contribution of historically disadvantaged persons may be lowered under special circumstances, in which case the IDC will be prepared to extend finance in excess of the owner's contribution.
  • The project/business must exhibit economic merit in terms of profitability and sustainability.
  • The IDC does not refinance fixed assets, since our aim is to expand the industrial base.

Applying for funding

Applications for funding should be in writing, and include an executive summary and comprehensive business plan. In addition, applicants should submit the following:

  • Script coverage from an independent reputable source (include credentials of the source).
  • Details of the film director, producers, scriptwriters/screenwriters, DOP and principal cast, including, for each of the above:
    • Previous projects;
    • CVs;
    • Filmography; and
    • An indication of the genre and the success/performance of the films each were involved in.
  • Detailed production budget and top sheet:
    • Specify the Qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE) amount.
  • Finance structure, including details of other co-financiers and written confirmation of proposed terms and conditions. (The co-financiers must cover at least 51% of the total production budget. The IDC funds up to a maximum of 49% of the budget, and IDC funding must be spent in South Africa.)
  • Proposed recoupment schedule.
  • Details of the sales agent, including the terms and conditions of the distribution and marketing strategy for the film, and the agent's track record, including a list of films distributed and their success/performance.
  • Detailed sales estimates per territory, including:
    • Associated territorial rights;
    • Presale letters or agreements; and
    • Comparatives used to determine the sales estimates (audience, box office numbers in terms of similar genre films).
  • Collective agent and terms of agreement (if available).
  • Project information (location of principal photography, equipment to be used, number of cast and crew and how many days' involvement, post-production facilities). The following information should be included:
    • Jobs created (in the same format/details provided for the Department of Trade and Industry application);
    • Skills development and skills transfer plan; and
    • How much will be spent at pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Details of the production company: experience and previous productions.
  • Chain of title documentation, including script, music, etc.
  • Identity of the completion guarantor, and terms and conditions of the guarantee.
  • Co-production agreements (where applicable).
  • Provisional letter from the Department of Trade and Industry regarding the amount of the rebate.
  • Disclosure of related party transactions involved in the production process, including their value and details.

In addition to the specific requirements of the media and motion pictures SBU, applications must meet the IDC's minimum requirements.

We consider each application carefully. Click here to apply online.

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