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ADFIAP and SADC DFI Network sign MOU

The Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) and the Southern African Development Community Development Finance Institutions Network (SADC DFI Network) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 16 November.

The parties have recognised a need to collaborate so they can accelerate socio-economic development in their respective regions.

sadc mouADFIAP Secretary General Octavio Peralta and CEO of the SADC DFI Network Stuart Kufeni at the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two organisationsSpeaking at the signing ceremony Stuart Kufeni CEO of the SADC DFI Network said: “We realised there were similarities in the work that we do and decided to come together. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel so if there is someone who has the skills we want to work with them.”

The SADC DFI Network incorporates national development finance institutions (DFIs) in all SADC member countries which together form a sub-regional development finance network. The Network was founded in 2000 and is currently composed of 30 DFIs.

The ADFIAP was established in 1976 and presently has one hundred 131 member-institutions. The ADFIAP is a premier development banking association in Asia and the Pacific, and provides capacity building services, advocates policy reform and innovations amongst the community of development banks.

“We are very happy about this agreement,” said Octavio Peralta ADFIAP Secretary General. “This is a significant milestone - two continents coming together for the purpose of enhancing DFIs. We are looking forward to this marriage.”

The MoU will allow the parties to leverage their services, which include human resources and funding, to address development challenges and the capacity of their organisations in their respective regions.

According to the agreement the organisations will consult on any programme of institutional support and strengthening financial support in order to benefit from each other’s comparative advantages and experiences, as well as to coordinate their efforts to attain more effective development assistance.

Areas of potential collaboration under the MoU include co-operation in capacity building efforts and institutional strengthening measures in all areas of development finance within the capability of the respective organisations.

Kufeni said building capacity was an important feature of the memorandum, hence the parties agree to share their information to help advance each other. He said they would also share policy research and other specialised programmes with each other.

Both organisations will also collaborate in specialised training and research programmes. The agreement will allow the organisations to collaborate on mobilising resources such as financial and technical assistance on projects and programmes of common interest. They will also develop a DFI staff exchange programme to facilitate the secondment and attachment of staff amongst their member DFIs.

“I want to congratulate our executives for the good work they are doing by bringing these two organisations together for the purpose of development,” said Francisco Antonio Souto, the chairman of the SADC DFI Network. “We hope that through this partnership we can improve the governance of our institutions.”

For more information about ADFIAP, visit:

For more information about the MoU, contact:

Mr Enrique I. Florencio, head, knowledge management, on telephone: (63 2) 816 1672, 843 0932 or 843 5892, fax: (632) 817 6498 or email: for ADFIAP

Ms Sandy Lim, consultant, membership and events management, on telephone: (632) 816 1672, 843 0932 or 843 5892, fax: (632) 817 6498 or email: for ADFIAP

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