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How do I apply for funding?

  • A written application supported by a business plan must be submitted to the IDC. For more information the applicant can email the IDC call centre at callcentre@idc.co.za or visit one of the IDC’s offices to personally discuss the application and the process with an IDC representative. Addresses are available here.

What format should the business plan be in?

  • We have drawn up a set of guidelines that you can access here.
  • We can also forward a copy of the outline to the applicant’s e-mail address or discuss it with an applicant during a personal visit to the IDC. Should the applicant require assistance to compile a business plan, IDC can assist via the Business Support Unit.

What is the process once an application has been submitted to the IDC, and how long does it take?

  • Once the applicant understands what is required and an application has been submitted, a basic assessment of the application will be completed by an IDC analyst. During this process, the analyst will ascertain whether the application complies with IDC’s minimum requirement criteria and based on this will either recommend that the application be rejected or will recommend that a full due diligence be conducted by the Strategic Business Unit.
  • Please note that applications are given equal time and diligence, which means a waiting period is inevitable. The IDC suggests it will take at least six weeks, and perhaps longer.

Does the IDC provide grant funding? If not, what other types of financing does IDC offer - and what are the usual terms?

  • IDC funding usually takes the form of medium term loans (three to seven years) with interest charged at prime + related rates.
  • Rates are based on the risk profile of the company. Funding at preferential interest rates is available from time to time, through IDC special schemes or through financing schemes managed by the IDC on behalf of other funders.
  • Grant funding is only available as a part of business support initiatives, to assist with developing business plans or as part of a funding package.
  • The IDC also manages some of the Department of Trade and Industry’s grant schemes under the Clothing and Textiles Competitiveness Programme.

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