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Driving industrial development and facilitating job creation

Since 1940, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has helped facilitate South Africa’s industrial capacity by financing viable businesses within key sectors to stimulate the country’s economic growth.

The Business Support Programme was developed as part of IDC’s strategy to support economic development. Its objective is to assist entrepreneurs to establish, manage and grow their businesses.

Rationale for providing Business Support

This Programme is also a mechanism for protecting IDC investments into investee clients’ business entities through provision of business support. The objective is to address the development of entrepreneurs and businesses in line with the IDC’s “Leadership in Industrial Development” strategy.

Business Support is provided at any stage of IDC’s financing process from application, basic assessment, due diligence to post-investment stages. The IDC believes that orientation of business support is more proactive than reactive and therefore early stage interventions with regard to business development are critical to the growth of businesses. Accordingly, business support gravitates towards assisting clients that are doing well even encouraging them and providing them support to expand their enterprises, the result of which leads to increased job and value creation.   

Objectives of Business Support

  • Assist entrepreneurial development through non-financial support
  • Prudently protect IDC investments by helping entrepreneurs perform better
  • Provide effective business support services resulting in positive impact on IDC clients

Types of Business Support Provided

Pre-Investment Stage

At pre-investment stage we offer the following services:

  •   Enhancement of business plans for prospective IDC clients
  •   Turnaround plans for distressed clients applying for finance from IDC
  •   Client readiness support to bring a funding application to a bankable stage
  •   Business diagnosis to identify gaps and opportunities in governance, strategy and management of the business

Post-Investment Stage

At post-investment stage we offer the following services:

  •   Analysis, design and implementation of business solutions to close identified gaps and pursue identified opportunities
  •   Assisting entrepreneurs with developing and enhancing their strategies i.e.  Corporate and business unit strategies, turnaround strategies and functional management strategies
  •   Optimizing business operations through interventions such as business process re-engineering, supply chain and logistics management, operational efficiencies improvement, productivity improvement, pricing strategies, sales and channel effectiveness, customer relations management, capital expenditure  planning ,etc.
  •   Enhancing organisational performance through equipping people, managing corporate and business unit performance, organisational design and various human capital functions
  •   Providing business enabling systems and tools such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), financial and human capital systems, mentorship and coaching, corporate governance and business management training.


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