!Khi Solar One

Once completed, this concentrated solar tower power station will be one of the largest in the world. One of the benefits of this project relative to most other renewable energy projects is its ability to store energy and to deliver electricity to the grid during peak times.

Satisfying customers


Walk-In Centre
PIBC plans to create a dedicated Walk-In Centre at the IDC. Currently, walk-in enquiries are dealt with on an ad hoc basis. The intention is to create an environment conducive for business plan discussions. This Walk-In Centre will allow prospective applicants to:
  • View the Funding Decision Tree model and see, at a glance, whether the application falls within the IDC mandate. This will also assist the applicant to have a more informed discussion with the IDC consultant;
  • Meet with a PIBC professional staff member (consultant), who will be situated in the Walk-In Centre, without delay;
  • Access the IDC Online Application System, including the Business Plan Tool, in an enclosed environment to ensure privacy whilst working on the business plan;
  • Have access to an IDC professional staff member whilst working on the business plan; and
  • Meet with a sefa representative, if necessary.

Funding Decision Tree
The Funding Decision Tree is a tool which will assist prospective applicants to do a self-check on whether their application fits the broader IDC mandate. If the application does not fit the IDC mandate, the tool will also refer the applicant to other possible financiers. This tool will furthermore allow Contact Centre agents, as well as other members of PIBC or the Regional Offices, to assist customers more efficiently by taking them through the Funding Decision Tree during an enquiry. PIBC will also utilise this Funding Decision Tree as a training tool for new employees, in order to understand the IDC mandate, and to familiarise themselves with other financiers.

Enhanced contact centre
We plan to enhance the contact centre at the IDC Head Office in 2013. An independent audit has been commissioned to provide feedback on all elements of the current contact centre, including the IT systems.

The enhancement will allow for better quality assurance, as well as identification of training needs for contact centre staff. Suggested enhancements to the IT system include allowing callers to leave messages, or elect the option for an automated call-back, when the current operators are busy with enquiries.

Customer Relations Management
Customer service is one of the four pillars of the IDC Corporate Strategy. The Corporation has taken major strides in attending to the needs of its clients with initiatives such as “Reducing the Red Tape” being introduced to improve the customer experience and turnaround times.

Thus the Corporation has established a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department in order to manage the customer experience and interface.

The CRM focus will help the IDC to:
  • develop a consistent, differentiated experience leading to increased satisfaction, thereby not only meeting the corporation’s mandate, but also addressing client needs; and
  • enhance the nature and structure of interactions with clients, potential clients and other stakeholders, as well as ensuring that the IDC business objectives are met.
The benefits are:
  • Providing a better customer service;
  • Making the customer-interface to be more efficient;
  • Cross-selling products more effectively;
  • Simplified marketing and sales processes; and
  • Discovering new clients.

Naturally, the IDC CRM activities will be aligned with the strategic goals of driving commercially sustainable industrial development in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

The deliverables for the year ahead are:
  • Manage the customer experience, analysing and reporting on trends;
  • Develop customer service procedures, policies and standards;
  • Help improve the customer experience and turnaround times;
  • Alignment with initiatives such as “Reducing the Red Tape”;
  • Monitor trends, identify gaps, propose changes to IDC processes to meet client needs;
  • Client survey to evaluate satisfaction with response;
  • Develop an IT automated system, with tracking capabilities, for managing client service issues;
  • Allocation of reference numbers for ease of tracking (IT system); and
  • SBUs/departments to have access to own cases, via IT system, to track and trace.

Coega Dairy Holdings

The IDC has identified increased competition in the dairy value chain and import substitution in the cheese industry as key sector development goals. We also singled out the need for increased farmer (and specifically B-BBEE) participation in dairy value-adding initiatives.

Windtown Lagoon Resort 

The newly built Windtown Lagoon Resort and Spa reflects the IDC’s focus to funding community-based projects that have potential to create employment opportunities in far-flung regions.

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