Agribank of Zimbabwe

As part of the pan African regional integration and industrialisation through development finance initiatives, the IDC has developed programmes to contribute to an enabling environment for institutions outside South Africa.

King III checklist

The following table provides an assessment of the Corporation’s compliance with King III:

Compliance with laws, codes, rules and standards
✓   The Board ensures the company complies with relevant laws  
✓   The Board and its directors have a working understanding of the relevance and implications of non-compliance  
✓   Compliance risk forms an integral part of the company’s risk management process  
✓   The Board has delegated to management the implementation of an effective compliance framework and process  
Governing stakeholder relationships
✓   Appreciation that stakeholders’ perceptions affect a company’s reputation  
✓   Management actively deals with stakeholder relationships  
✓   There is an appropriate balance between its various stakeholder groupings  
   Equitable treatment of shareholders  
✓   Transparent and effective communication to stakeholders  
✓   Disputes are resolved effectively and timeously  
The governance of information technology
✓   The Board is responsible for information technology (IT) governance  
✓   IT is aligned with the performance and sustainability objectives of the Corporation  
✓   Management is responsible for the implementation of an IT governance framework  
✓   The Board monitors and evaluates significant IT investments and expenditure  
✓   IT is an integral part of the Corporation’s risk management  
✓   Information assets are managed effectively  
✓   The Risk Committee assists the Board in carrying out IT responsibilities  
The governance of risk
✓   The Board is responsible for the governance of risk and setting levels of risk tolerance  
✓   The Board determines the levels of risk tolerance  
✓   The Audit and Risk Committees assist the Board in carrying out its risk responsibilities  
✓   The Board delegates the risk management plan to management  
✓   The Board ensures that risk assessments and monitoring are performed on a continual basis  
✓   Frameworks and methodologies are implemented to increase the probability of anticipating unpredictable risks  
✓   Management implements appropriate risk responses  
✓   The Board receives assurance on the effectiveness of the risk management process  
✓   Sufficient risk disclosure to stakeholders  
Integrated reporting and disclosure
✓   Ensures the integrity of the Corporation’s integrated report  
✓   Sustainability reporting and disclosure is integrated with the Corporation’s financial reporting  
✓   Sustainability reporting and disclosure is independently assured  

Coega Dairy Holdings

The IDC has identified increased competition in the dairy value chain and import substitution in the cheese industry as key sector development goals. We also singled out the need for increased farmer (and specifically B-BBEE) participation in dairy value-adding initiatives.

Windtown Lagoon Resort 

The newly built Windtown Lagoon Resort and Spa reflects the IDC’s focus to funding community-based projects that have potential to create employment opportunities in far-flung regions.

R13.1 billion
R16.0 billion
18 922
3 950
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