Namib Poultry

The ICD - long considered a partner in local and regional development - funded this project, the first commersial integrated poultry business in Namibia.

Introducing the IDC

Corporate profile
Our mandate

The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC) was established in 1940 by an Act of Parliament (Industrial Development Corporation Act, No. 22 of 1940).

We were established to spearhead the development of domestic industrial capacity, especially in light of the shortages of manufactured goods experienced as a result of the disruption of trade between Europe and South Africa during the Second World War.

For more than 70 years, we have been instrumental in implementing South Africa’s industrial policy, establishing some of the industries that have since become cornerstones of the country’s manufacturing sector. These include the petro-chemicals and minerals beneficiation industries. Apart from large industrial projects in these industries, we have also been instrumental in the establishment of other industries such as fabricated metals, agro-industries, clothing and textiles.

In the 1990s, our mandate was expanded to allow investment in the rest of Africa. Our first such venture was an aluminium smelter in Mozambique, bringing together investors from around the globe to establish a major industrial operation in a country plagued by decades of civil war. The venture illustrated the viability of large projects on a continent that was often shunned by investors. Other current investments in the rest of the continent include mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and telecommunications.

We rely on funds generated from our loan and equity investments, exits from mature investments as well as borrowings from commercial banks, other development finance institutions (DFIs) and other lenders, to fund our activities.

Although our priorities evolved in line with policy direction over the years, we remain committed to our objective of developing the country’s industrial capacity and, in doing so, play a major role in creating jobs.

Our industrial development role

We are a key implementing agency of industrial policy. Currently this centres on the New Growth Path (NGP) and its manufacturing driver, the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP). We identify opportunities for sector development in line with policy objectives and play a catalytic role by developing projects in partnership with our various stakeholders. Our funding activities are mainly to the private sector, but we also work closely with different levels of government, government agencies and sector organisations to ensure a co-ordinated approach. In addition, we support government in other areas related to its development objectives such as research and fund management.

Our role in the rest of Africa is to proactively develop and implement strategies that create and integrate value chains across the continent. By taking advantage of each individual country’s strengths, a more competitive industrial base throughout the region can be ensured.

Promoting economic growth and industrial development in line with our vision and mission

Outcomes achieved by pursuing our objective

Facilitate sustainable direct and indirect employment  
Improving regional equity, including the development of South African rural areas, poorer provinces and industrialisation in the rest of Africa   Promoting entrepreneurial development and growing the SME sector Environmentally sustainable growth   Growing sectoral diversity and increased localisation of production   Transformational impact on communities and growing black industrialists  

Coega Dairy Holdings

The IDC has identified increased competition in the dairy value chain and import substitution in the cheese industry as key sector development goals. We also singled out the need for increased farmer (and specifically B-BBEE) participation in dairy value-adding initiatives.

Windtown Lagoon Resort 

The newly built Windtown Lagoon Resort and Spa reflects the IDC’s focus to funding community-based projects that have potential to create employment opportunities in far-flung regions.

R13.1 billion
R16.0 billion
18 922
3 950
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