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Namib Poultry

Namib Poultry Industries (Pty) Ltd (NPI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namib Mills Investments (Pty) Ltd, established for the sole purpose of housing the green-fields integrated broiler project for the group. The project will be undertaken 20 kilometres north of Windhoek and consists of the chicken house, hatchery building, the abattoir, land and all other relevant equipment for the business (250 000 chickens per week).

This is the first commercial integrated poultry business in Namibia and the IDC, long considered a partner in local and regional development, provided finance towards this project.

The project became operational early 2012. At full production, the project will create over 600 jobs in Namibia. South African based business could potentially benefit from the supply chain network as opportunities for supply of raw materials increase. The project requires constant supply of feedstock including 20 000 tons of maize annually, part of which will be sourced from South Africa. The project will receive Infant Industry Protection (IIP) from the government thereby creating more employment opportunities. The IIP is limited to 8 years, however, may be extended.

Building partnerships

The IDC’s capacity-building interventions in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa are motivated by the benefits potentially emanating from assisting our clients and DFI business partners in developing their requisite skills and knowledge bases.

Investing in communities

The IDC has adopted a framework to guide the development of rural areas and an important part of the corporation’s leadership in industrial development strategy focuses on support for priority sectors identified in the New Growth Path and Industrial Policy Action Plan.

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