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Lodox Systems  

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African company that created the world’s first full-body, low-dose, digital X-ray imaging system. IDC owns a 94% stake in Lodox. Originally developed as a security tool in the diamond industry, Lodox Systems – through further development and research – created a product that has since made a huge advance in medical trauma management. The ability to provide full-body X-ray images at an exceptional quality and minimal radiation dose in only 13 seconds is unique to the Lodox technology and is, as yet, unmatched globally. These defining features provide specific benefits to two specialist medical markets:
  • Emergency and trauma medicine: Clinicians are presented with holistic answers regarding injuries rapidly, guiding diagnosis in a fraction of time compared to traditional emergency treatment resulting in an increased probability of saving lives. Scattered radiation is further significantly reduced compared to traditional imaging solutions, which allows placement of the Lodox solution within the trauma room thus enabling easy access to the patient to allow for monitoring and resuscitation to take place around the scanning process;
  • Forensic medicine: Pathologists have an easy-to-use, fast method to investigate potentially crucial evidence throughout an entire body, leading to more accurate and expedited judgments on causes of death.

Trauma patients and medical staff are exposed to much lower levels of radiation, ensuring safer working conditions, in comparison to other solutions. Lodox is also ideally suited to imaging of bariatric and paediatric patients, and has found applications in many other areas of medical imaging.

Now in its 11th year of trading, Lodox has achieved success in eight countries and 40 installations. Special mention is an installation in the fictitious “Grey’s Memorial Hospital” where it was featured, free of charge, in the current season of the Hollywood prime-time series, Grey’s Anatomy. A particular focus on the South African public healthcare sector has ensured that 13 institutions, such as Chris Hani Baragwanath and Charlotte Maxeke hospitals are able to provide a world-class level of trauma care to South Africans, often only associated with first-world countries. In addition, the nature of operation and the benefits gained, lend themselves to cost-saving opportunities including the elimination of X-ray film printing, and shorter assessment times per subject. In an overloaded healthcare system facing ever-increasing burdens, the Lodox technology provides solutions to healthcare difficulties to the individual end-user as well as the critical medical imaging industry.

Lodox’s outlook is positive with an increasing adoption of this globally unique technology both locally and internationally. Success came through continuous support from the IDC since inception in various aspects of the business and its ongoing commitment will be a catalyst for continuous business growth.

Building partnerships

The IDC’s capacity-building interventions in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa are motivated by the benefits potentially emanating from assisting our clients and DFI business partners in developing their requisite skills and knowledge bases.

Investing in communities

The IDC has adopted a framework to guide the development of rural areas and an important part of the corporation’s leadership in industrial development strategy focuses on support for priority sectors identified in the New Growth Path and Industrial Policy Action Plan.

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