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Our material issues

This year, we set out to identify and select our financial and non-financial material issues through stakeholder engagement. In addition, we consulted the IDC Corporate Plan and the Risk Universe documents. These documents outline the Corporation's mandate and main risks, respectively. From this process we identified those issues that are material to the Corporation’s sustainability, and were approved by the Board. We plan to review our identification and prioritisation process over time.

Material issues     Section     Page
Align our activities with government’s industrial development mandate     Strategy     24–26
Improve the socio-economic impact of our activities     Client monitoring
Responsible funding
Strengthen our engagement with stakeholders     Stakeholder engagement     20–22
Maintain our long-term financial viability     Directors’ report     92–97
Identify suitable development opportunities that require investment     Investing in the economy     27–60
Mitigate the risk associated with investments     Enterprise risk management     76–79
Play a proactive role in easing bottlenecks and barriers to development     Strategy     24–26
Maintain robust governance to safeguard against fraud and inappropriate investment     Governance
Fraud prevention
Streamline our organisation to ensure efficient customer service     Strategic business units     27
Ensure that we posses the right skills and human resource capacity     Investing in our people     64–68
Entrench innovation in all aspects of the organisation     Investing in our customers
      Innovation     61