Thakadu Metals Beneficiation

Thakadu Metals Beneficiation

Thakadu Metals Beneficiation was founded in 2015 by Ruli Diseko, a young Black Industrialist, and created 165 direct jobs. Diseko’s experience in the mining and metals industry stems from his employment at Lonmin, the Department of Mineral Resources and as a commodities trader.

Having identified business opportunities in the mushrooming growth of raw materials used in the manufacture of batteries, the company conducted a feasibility study to establish a purification plant for the crude nickel sulphate by-product at Lonmin’s platinum mining operations.

The study confirmed the feasibility of such a venture and the IDC, having maintained a close partnership with the company, approved funding for the plant. Once completed, the facility will take the crude nickel sulphate by-product and process it to 99.99% pure battery-grade material.

Lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles consist of 80% nickel. Nickel has additional applications in energy storage batteries, rechargeable battery devices and the more traditional nickel-plating market. The project is also supported by the dti through a Black Industrialist grant.


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