Saucy Secrets

Saucy Secrets

Based in the Eastern Cape, this company is an example of the success that young and entrepreneurial individuals can have in a well-established industry. 24 new direct jobs. Growth in a business owned by Black Industrialists and youth. Rashaad Musa and Ricardo Ferreira identified an opportunity to manufacture sauce products for the low- and middle-income market in 2008.

They set up a plant in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape and began production in the same year. After initially producing only sauces, the company diversified their product range to include jams and fruit juice nectars under the brand names Just Jam and Just Nectar. Saucy Secrets supplies supermarkets and caterers in the Eastern Cape with products in a variety of pack sizes based on consumer preferences.

Although the company has experienced year-on-year sales growth, step-change growth has been hindered by a lack of the required food safety accreditations and process equipment to enter a wider market. The company has identified opportunities to further diversify its product range to include squashes, soft drinks, cordials and bottled water.

IDC funding will enable the company to obtain the necessary accreditations, expand its product lines and print packaging in-house. With these improvements, Saucy Secrets expects to move beyond its Eastern Cape market to markets in the Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State.


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