Sithebe looks to ever bigger challenges

Sithebe looks to ever bigger challenges

As a chartered accountant, Alupheli Sithebe places ethics and reliability high on her list. These characteristics, coupled with her training, have put her career on an upward trajectory.

Alupheli Sithebe credits the Industrial Development Corporation’s Dealmakers Programme with accelerating her career.

“The Dealmakers Programme has been critical in helping me to navigate my career path at the IDC,” she says. “The knowledge I attained from the programme, complemented by the experience that I got in my previous jobs, has prepared me to tackle even bigger challenges in my day to day work.”

And it has got results: Sithebe was named Best Employee in the High Impact Division in the 2015 Star Awards.

Sithebe, 33, is a typical example of the high calibre of person the IDC seeks out and propels to the top. She is a qualified chartered accountant, with a Bachelor of Commerce in accountancy degree from the Rand Afrikaans University – now the University of Johannesburg.

Following her university years, she went on to the pass the board exams with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (IRBA), enabling her to practice as a chartered accountant.

Since then, Sithebe’s career has followed a steady path upwards. Before joining the IDC, her business, Kamva Advisory & Associates Inc, provided independent financial accounting services to a wide range of clients. The experience helped her to build a diverse portfolio of clients drawn from both the public and private sectors that has stood her in good stead in her growth at the IDC, which she joined in 2011.

At the corporation, Sithebe soon became a star performer. She rose from a business analyst to become a dealmaker in the IDC’s Heavy Manufacturing Strategic Business Unit, putting her on a firm growth path.

Making good use of the various career advancement platforms provided by the IDC, she enrolled for further studies at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), and qualified with a sought-after MBA degree from the highly regarded institution.

“I believe that I’m in the right place to grow my chosen career,” Sithebe says. “As a chartered accountant, I have to hold a high level of ethics and integrity in my conduct as prescribed by SAICA, and these are also values to which the IDC adheres.”

Dealmakers Programme

The Dealmakers Programme is geared towards training business analysts to conduct due diligence the IDC way. Candidates undergo rigorous classroom teaching and intensive on-the-job training before exiting the programme.

The full programme takes 18 to 24 months, the first two months devoted to classroom teaching including assignments and case studies. They are then placed in the IDC’s Strategic Business Units for on-the-job training with seasoned dealmakers.

Once they have successfully exited the training, the sky is the limit. The business analysts are promoted to dealmakers in the various SBUs, where IDC performance and advancement processes apply.

It is a successful programme. Several dealmakers have been seconded to help train other local and African development finance institutions to build their operational staff capacity through the IDC Academy.