IDC Brand Campaign

IDC Brand Campaign

Building partnerships

Imagine if the IDC did not partner with SA businesses. What would happen to our rich mineral resources, to businesses and jobs? South Africa wouldn’t be the same without industrial development. We’re helping to build industries and make history.

Our brand story

IDC partners with Hulamin

It was in 1995 – the year in which Nelson Mandela handed the Rugby World Cup trophy to Springbok captain Francois Pienaar – that the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) embarked on its partnership with aluminium producer Hulamin.

With financial backing and strategic business support from the IDC, Hulamin set in motion an expansion plan that has seen it grow into one of South Africa’s leading aluminium traders and exporters.

As Hulamin’s production capacity and products range expanded, so did its sourcing from local companies, helping to develop new businesses and create much-needed employment in the country.

It is with enterprises like Hulamin that the IDC partners in order to help build our economy.

Do you qualify

If you are an entrepreneur and have a sound business plan or idea, click here for general funding requirements.

Your partner in development finance

The IDC will be investing up to R100-billion over 5 years in developing the economy, growing new businesses and stimulating job creation. The corporation offers both financial and non-financial support to enterprises.

Sectors funded by the IDC

In line with the National Development Plan (NDP), the IDC has identified sectors based on their potential to create jobs and contribute to industrial development. For more information on these sectors, click here.

Business plans

To apply for funding, entrepreneurs should submit a detailed business plan containing as much information about the company as possible, an overview of the business, production, staffing, capital structure, market analysis, forecasting, and balance and income sheets. For a comprehensive business plan guideline, click here.

How we fund

There are various options to fund start-up or existing businesses. These include, loans, equity, venture capital, quasi-equity and other funding instruments.

So if you are an entrepreneur and have a business plan for an industry that the IDC supports, and require funding of R1-million or more, take the lead and make history: call us on 0860 693 888 or apply online.


The IDC has offices in all the provinces across the country. For all the contact details, click here.

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