Local invention in global flash

Local invention in global flash

A piece of South African medical technology has stolen the show on a global hospital drama. The Lodox device – as seen on Grey’s Anatomy – is the world’s first full-body, high-speed digital X-ray scanner.

A pioneering South African medical device took the spotlight in the award-winning American medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, broadcast on MNET on Monday, 10 June.

The Lodox device is unrivalled as the world’s first, and only, full-body, high-speed, digital x-ray scanner. Originally developed as a security tool in the diamond industry, the device was adapted by South African company Lodox Systems to enable a huge advance in medical trauma management.

Grey’s Anatomy is known to be a medically accurate representation of leading hospital practices internationally. “The decision to showcase our unique South African technology on an international programme demonstrates that we really are world class in the field of medical imaging and trauma management,” said Lodox chief executive Pieter de Beer.

Grey’s Anatomy is only TV but, in real life, doctors in South African and international hospitals are saving lives with Lodox and using our technology for the most effective trauma management,” De Beer said. “No other device can give clinicians such a fast and accurate picture of a patient’s whole body, together with a low radiation dose, which means the machine can be used safely when placed directly in emergency rooms.”

Lodox Systems is a South African company that produces a unique full-body X-ray scanner – the only one of its kind currently on the market.

A Lodox scanner takes 13 seconds to produce an accurate full-body overview of injuries and foreign bodies in a patient and it emits up to 10 times less radiation than conventional x-ray systems. Several large academic hospitals, including Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in South Africa, Washington Hospital Center in the United States and Inselspital Bern in Switzerland, have moulded their trauma protocols around the Lodox system.

The Industrial Development Corporation has been a longstanding shareholder in Lodox Systems. In 2010, it became the major shareholder and continues to support and fund ongoing research, development and product improvements.

Lodox recently launched an updated version of its imaging technology, the Xmplar-dr, following an extensive research and development phase at its Johannesburg headquarters, with input from local and international clinicians and hospitals.