Employee Ownership Conference

Employee Ownership Conference

The Industrial Development Corporation convened an Employee Ownership Conference from 24 to 25 July 2012 at the IDC Auditorium in Sandton.

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The theme of the conference was: “It is about co-ownership and development of broad based beneficiaries” (“Moving beyond B-BBEE Compliance to Co-ownership”).

Employee ownership is a practice whereby employees own shares in the company either as individuals or through a legal entity i.e. a Trust. The concept has been in existence for decades around the world.

Employee ownership in private companies in South Africa is a relatively new phenomenon and IDC took the initiative to convene the conference to share and learn on best practices and lessons learnt on employee ownership around the globe. Furthermore, IDC felt that it’s necessary that a platform to discuss, among other things, different Employee Ownership types, models and financing approaches be create.

The main objectives of the conference were to:

  • Facilitate sharing by experts, practitioners in the field of Employee Ownership of different employee ownership experiences, success stories and lessons learned with Trustees of Workers Trusts, senior managers (CEOs, Executives, etc.) of private companies, B-BBEE stakeholders in government, private sector organisations and DFIs;
  • Expose representatives of Workers Trusts (Trustees), Management of IDC investee companies, Management and Trustees of private and public sector companies and Academics to some of the international best Employee Ownership models, lesson learnt and best practices;
  • Promote and drive the implementation of employee ownership in the South African economy; and
  • Facilitate the creation of networking by current and aspirant employee ownership practitioners.

The IDC has invested a lot of money in financing employee ownership transactions since inception.

To date, the IDC has financed and supported approximately 70 Workers Trusts that own equity in companies. The total amount invested by IDC in these transactions to date is R500 million.

View a list of delegates who attended the conference and their contact details. Download list

The full programme and papers presented at the conference are listed below:

  • Employee Ownership Conference Programme: Download [PDF, 204kb]
  • Employee Ownership Conference: An Overview. Download [PPT, 577kb]
  • Impact of Various Legislative Frameworks on Effective and Sustainable Employee Ownership Models: Download [PPT, 8.1mb]
  • Using Employee Ownership to Drive Innovation, Creativity and Employment: Download [PPT, 1.6mb]
  • IDC Ownership: A Presentation by Bruce Hunt: Download [PDF, 713kb]
  • Co-Ownership: The Tranter Story: Download [PPT, 5.3mb]
  • The Importance of Training and Education on Employee Equity Ownership: Download [PPT, 410kb]
  • Employee Ownership and Making it a Success: Download [PPT, 2.5mb]
  • Challenges for a Co-ownership Business or Employee Ownership Businesses in South Africa and Abroad: Download [PPTX, 3.3mb]
  • Employee Share Ownership: Download [PPT, 11.2mb]
  • The Value of Leadership and Research in Enhancing Employee Ownership: Download [PPT, 646kb]
  • Do Employees/Beneficiaries and Management Understand the Concept of Co-ownership? Download [PPT, 2mb]
  • Organisational Culture: Does it Affect the Performance of Employee Equity Ownership? Download [PPT, 2.3mb]
  • Is Employee Ownership Good for Business? Download [PPT, 2.7mb]
  • Enterprise Development Through Employee Ownership: Download [PPT, 1.7mb]
  • Why Companies Need to Support the ESOP Initiative: Download [PPT, 1.3mb]


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