Research Reports

Research Reports

Economic/sectoral/industrial research undertaken by IDC’s Department of Research and Information:

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Agro Processing Competitiveness Fund (APCF) : Research Reports

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) together with the Economic Development Department (EDD), entered into an agreement for the IDC to manage the Agro Processing Competitiveness Fund (APCF). The objective of the APCF is to facilitate increased competitiveness, growth, job creation and development in the agro-processing and beverages sectors. The APCF has three segments, namely:

1. Investment Channel
2. Business Support Channel
3. Research Grants Channel

The Research Grants fund is managed by the IDC’s Research and Information Department on behalf of the APCF Steering Committee and the funds are used to finance academic and applied research projects on a sector-wide, sub-sector and/or company level, but with the benefits of the research outcomes accruing to the sector or sub-sector as a whole and thus not benefiting only one company.

The first call for proposals was made in July 2013 and the second in February 2016.

To date the following APCF research reports have been completed:

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FRIDGE Research:

Research reports commissioned by the Fund for Research into Industrial Development, Growth and Equity (FRIDGE). FRIDGE, which is financed by the dti and administered by the IDC on behalf of the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC), finances research studies leading to the generation of information, knowledge and/or initiatives aimed at improving the global competitiveness of South Africa’s industries.

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