About Our Brand

About Our Brand

brandThe IDC has a strong brand that has been more than 70 years in the making. It represents a stable win-win relationships and our extensive and firm support for corporations, companies and small entrepreneurs who are building the economy of South Africa and the continent. It also represents our support of innovative and trend-setting initiatives.

Our logo is the visual representation of who we are and what we do: a graphic representation of the IDC and the important role we play as a development finance institution.

The bright yellow core indicates stability and balance, while the three dynamic rings show growth and movement.

The core symbolises our brand promise: “Your partner in development finance”. This is central to our commitment to partnership and is underpinned by our corporate values: partnership, passion and professionalism.

The three rings are open, reflecting our new South African society and the dreams of all our people. They embrace the golden inner core, and each line is representative of our strategic intent:

  • Business opportunity;
  • Economic development; and
  • Investment.

The IDC’s pay-off line, “Your partner in development finance”, is more than a brand promise; it is our commitment to our clients and our stakeholders.