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On 16 April 2014 the Industrial Development Corporation paused to reflect on its achievements since the start of democracy two decades ago.

At a special event, attended by former chief executives, government officials, IDC partners and clients, chief executive Geoffrey Qhena reflected back to the early 1990s, when South Africa became a democratic state after years of apartheid injustice.

It was a time to implement change, a time to help grow black industrialists, and a time to compete on a highly competitive global economic stage. Qhena spelled out the developmental impact of the IDC in the last 20 years.

But it did not happen in isolation.

At the event, the IDC also spelt out the importance of partnerships. A number of partners were present to share their experiences and highlight the impact on the people who were supported through tough times, who were helped in setting up successful businesses, and who were able to employ people from their local communities.

Media release: 16 April 2014: Leading industrial development - IDC’s impact over the last 20 years

View the slideshow of the event launch